Trudy Francis (B Ed Tchg, Post Grad Dip in Teaching & Learning: Distinction)

Director - C21 Learning LTD


The Past


Originally from Galatea (a rural community in the heart of the Bay of Plenty); I was a full-time mum of five children. I was involved in many volunteer organisations including running a mothers support group, play centre, Kindergarten and worked as a teacher's aide at Galatea Primary School. I home schooled four of my children for two years.


In 1998 I entered University to train as a primary teacher, and was awarded a Pro Vice Chancellor award for high achievement.


I was employed by College Street Normal School in 2002, and was promoted the following year to Team Leader and then twice more in the next two years until I became Assistant Principal.


I have strived to develop my capacity in using teaching strategies which promote high levels of student responsibility and achievement. I do this by developing and sustaining communities of learners; using an integrated curriculum (which tends to emotionally hook students due to them being engaged in more authentic contexts); higher-order thinking skills and goal setting. The Key Competencies are infused throughout my programs. I have been trained in the Numeracy Project and has had two years of intensive professional development with Murray Gadd in 'Literary' for writing and reading in 2006/2007. In 2007 I was released full-time to act as facilitator for the Fitzherbert Cluster (as part of the New Zealand Government initiative called 'Extending High Standards across Schools').


The Present


I have been recognised in New Zealand and Australia as a leader in: Literacy, Curriculum Integration, the Key Competencies, Higher-Order Thinking and the Habits of Mind. I frequently contribute to conferences and run workshops. In 2008 I had the opportunity to set up my own consulting/coaching business C21Learning LTD. My appointment with the Fitzherbert Cluster continued until the Government stopped this initiative. I have close links to Massey Doctors Ally Sewell and Ali St George. Since then I have worked long-term in 20+ schools nationwide. The year long projects are specific to particular schools and are structured to achieve the goals of the school.  Current Professional Learning Projects include:


  • Literacy
  • Integration
  • Key Competencies and/or Habits of Mind
  • Developing Assessment Capability (both teachers and students)