Oaklands School engaged Trudy for two years, in 2012 we focused on reading and in 2013 we focused on writing.


26. November 2012

"Trudy worked closely with our staff in a very supportive manner, however she still managed to challenge staff to reflect on changing their practice. Staff speak very highly of her non-threatening approach and enjoyed working with her. Her work with our staff was based on their needs and her delivery of her programme was specially developed for our school. Her workshops are interactive and enjoyed by staff. We have identified an improvement and confidence in our teacher's delivery of reading and this is also evident in our increased level of student achievement. I can fully recommend Trudy to any school wanting to make a difference for students. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information."

Margaret Trotter

Oaklands School, Christchurch.


"Waverley Primary School is participating in its 2nd year of professional development with Trudy Francis. Trudy has facilitated our workshops and continues to developed staff knowledge and understanding of the Key Competencies and the Habits of Mind through an integrated inquiry approach. Trudy has a holistic philosophy and her style is engaging and interactive, which consistently challenges our staffs' thinking. PD focuses on developing experts amongst our staff and in our own school environment. The benefits for our school include staff ownership of the development and supporting each other through observations, demonstrations and reflective feedback. The development of experts means we are able to continue building staff competency and we are now seeing consistency throughout the school as all staff are involved. As a result the PD is more effectively sustained. Effective practice is also resulting in improved outcomes for our students.


I can recommend Trudy has an enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated educational consultant who brings a wealth of real life knowledge and experience to her role. Trudy is having a powerful influence on the development of our curriculum at Waverley Primary School and we look forward to continuing our work with her."


Shaun Campbell


Waverley Primary School




"Trudy is...responsive, innovative, real (understands the demands of the classroom and of teaching) and encouraging. Having her in the school always brings  a buzz - a sense that we are going to learn something - so it's a visit that everyone looks forward too."


Anne Lye


Churton Park School, Wellington



"I knew from my first meeting with Trudy that she would be a powerful influence of my staff. Trudy has led our school through significant development with sensitivity and courage.


I recommend her to any community wanting to grow advanced learning processes and skillful teachers. As an educational consultant, she is quite simply, one of the best."


Perry Rush


Island Bay School



"Trudy has really helped me with planning for teaching Art Costa's Habits of Mind and the Key Competencies within an integrated inquiry approach.


Trudy's use of an integration matrix does help clearly define learning objectives and possibilities for data collection around the learning process.  It has been a delight working with Trudy and wonderful to pick the brains of such an experienced and inspired teacher."


Andrea Bailey


Island Bay School



ULearn Conference Feedback - Christchurch 2008