The New Zealand revised curriculum has the potential to transform education in our schools.


However, it is difficult to sense how to change our schools so children genuinely discover and develop their own talents.


On one hand we have a curriculum that has great scope for interpretation by individual educational communities and on the other hand we have deeply ingrained educational habits and political agendas.


Vision and determination is required so that the potential of the NZ curriculum is not compromised and the seed of innovation that is beginning to take hold in many NZ schools grows. It takes courage to create conditions that will personalise learning and break the shackles of age-old systems.


Individual school leaders need to collaborate with like-minded people, make a stand and take risks to transform our curriculum where our students have genuine opportunities to grow their individual talents.





With the staff we develop:

  • A shared vision
  • Cohesive links to the New Zealand Curriculum
  • Effective Pedagogy
  • Empowering forms of Assessment


Students who lead their learning through:

  • Activated Student Voice and
  • Robust student inquiry across the curriculum